Landscaping Options

1_home_garden_entrances  When landscaping with stone, you have a variety of options you can incorporate. Pavers, large stones, pebbles, and river rocks are just a few of the choices. You can make them the central focus of your backyard or just use them for accent. One of the nice things about using this material is that it is almost maintenance-free. Instead of having to cut and trim on a regular basis, you can usually just sweep or use a garden blower to get rid of dirt and debris. Here are a few ideas that you may choose to incorporate into your yard.

Stone Pavers

Large stone pavers are an excellent choice for covering a large area of your landscape, even using them as your main patio service. You can choose from flagstone, granite, sandstone, brick, concrete, limestone, slate, and more. Stone has a rustic look that complements a yard’s natural beauty more than brick or concrete. Sandstone, slate, and limestone are extremely durable, making them the best choices for a patio surface. Most pavers offer mixtures that allow you to create different colors and shapes for a walkway or separate different areas of your design. When designing a walkway, you may consider allowing grass, moss, or another ground cover to grow between the stones for a more natural look. You may also use pebbles or gravel to accent a walkway or patio, but those materials are easily scattered and get caught up when sweeping and blowing.

Rock Gardens

Garden-Furniture-11Use large rocks and boulders, along with a mixture of plants, to create a beautiful rock garden in an area of your backyard. You will initially have to control the weeds as the plants become established and the rocks start to do their job of killing the growth underneath. Consider placing landscaping fabric underneath a thick layer of rocks to reduce maintenance. You may also mix in pebbles, sand, or other smaller materials to fill in gaps as well as add to the overall design. Pebbles allow your garden to drain well so that water can more easily get to the plants. Make sure your plants cover all areas of exposed soil. Rocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, which allow you to accent different parts of your garden.

Water Feature

homepagepicYou may need to hire a professional service to help you with a water feature in your yard, but you can do much of the work yourself. Consider adding a small pond or stream if it can be blended in with the rest of your landscape and your terrain allows it. You can use pebbles in different shapes and colors to border the plastic lining of the pond, stream, or waterfall. If a smaller option is better for your design, consider a garden fountain. Many options are available at most home improvement and garden supply stores. You can easily incorporate a fountain into an existing rock garden or plant bed.